Técnica Título
Fluorescence   Acid Unfolding of Horse Cytochrome C Measured with a Fluorescence Stopped-Flow System 
Fluorescence   Chirality Analysis of Carbon Nanotubes 
UV-Vis  Color Analyses of Fluorescence Materials for FPD 
HPLC  Detection of Nitroarenes in Diesel Exhaust Using HPLC with UV and Fluorescence Detection 
Fluorescence   Determination of Fluorescence Excitation/Emission Maxima 
Fluorescence   Development of New PDP Phosphors 
Fluorescence   Evaluation of Fluorescence Materials at a High Temperature 
Fluorescence   Fluorescence Detection of Counterfeit US Currency 
Fluorescence   Fluorescence Measurement of Heat-Denatured Lysozyme 
Fluorescence   Luminescence Efficiency Measurement 
Fluorescence   Luminescent Color Measurement 
Circular Dichroism  Change in the fluorescence anisotropy spectrum by the denaturation of α-lactalbumin 
Circular Dichroism  High-sensitivity fluorescence-detected circular dichroism (FDCD) measurement 

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